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Online access to the electronic version of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity at preferential rate: Now available to IUR members
2010-09-03 - Radioecology

When clearing the IUR Annual Membership Fee, IUR members are now entitled to subscribe also, at the same time and at a preferential rate, to the electronic version of Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (affiliated to IUR).   Any IUR member willing to register can do so from the home page of the web site, or by clicking on the following… Read more >>

Environmental Radioactivity 2010 -­ New Frontiers and Developments
2010-04-29 - Conferences

[ Rome, Italy, from 25 to 27 October 2010 ]
The Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare is going to organize an International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity - New Frontiers and Developments.   The Conference will take place in Rome, Italy, from 25 to 27 October 2010. click here to display the summary Page Read more >>

Formalised relationship established between IAEA and IUR
2010-04-14 - I.U.R.

[ Arrangement signed in February 2010 ]
Following the previous and successful collaboration agreement between IAEA and IUR on updrading the data base of radioecological transfer factors (Update of TRS 364), a new "Practical  Arrangement" has been recently signed to join efforts on 2 scientific issues, which then take the form of joint IAEA/IUR Task groups contributing to EMRAS II Working Groups 5 and 6:  -… Read more >>

Towards a Federation of Environmental Radioactivity International Associations
2009-10-02 - Environment

[ Collaboration between NREA, SPERA and IUR ]
IUR conducts negociations with the Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA) and the South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association (SPERA) to establish a stronger linkage of communication and support - as said Rick Tincker from SPERA - and to allow  the formation of a Federation of international associations dealing with areas related to Radioactivity and Environment.… Read more >>

Growing IUR international visibility
2009-09-29 - I.U.R.

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the Union's website is now regularly visited by up to 12,000 visitors each month, demonstrating a growing general interest for Radioecology issues and the usefulness of our website for those who seek related information. It is also worth mentioning that during the last six months 16 new members, especially young scientists, joined the Union. It… Read more >>

IUR support to Canadian student training at Chernobyl : First output
2009-09-29 - Training courses

11 new members from Canada have recently been appointed and joined the Union. Among them, we are pleased to welcome 9 young radioecologists currently studying at the McMaster University of Toronto, Canada.  Some of these students took part in the Chernoby777 course, from 18 to 29 May 2009, which included a visiting trip on site to meet with local scientisits and to develop several… Read more >>

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity affiliated to IUR
2009-09-13 - I.U.R.

[ Memorandum of Understanding ]
Memorandum of Understanding signed on 11-28 April 2008   Considering that there is a mutual interest in promoting closer cooperation between IUR and the international scientific "Journal of Environmental Radioactivity" (JENR, Elsevier), Nicolette van Dijk, in quality of Publisher of JENR, and François Bréchignac, in quality of President of IUR, recently negotiated with… Read more >>

Nuclear metrology for radioecology and environment
2009-09-01 - Radioecology

[ 10 hot topics discussed at INSINUME 2008 International Symposium, 13-16 October 2008, Rabat, Morocco ]
Organized by CNESTEN in Rabat (Morocco) in the fall of 2008, this was the largest INSINUME conference of the series with 230 participants (of which 110 from abroad), representing a total of 43 countries with further official representation and support from both IUR and IAEA. The 10 hot topics that have captured interest and prompted active discussion during the conference… Read more >>

2009-06-04 - Publications

1. XXXVII Klechkovsky Radioecological Readings. Proceedings of the conference, Obninsk, 27 November 2008/ Ed. R.M. Alexakhin. Obninsk: RIARAE, 2009, 280 p. This book contains proceedings of the annual Radioecological readings named after V.M. Klechkovsky (1900-1972), the founder of national radioecology, participant of the USSR Atomic project. It includes the first… Read more >>

*ISTA14* : 14th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment
2009-05-19 - Conferences

[ Metz, France, August 30 to September 4, 2009 ]
Ecotoxicology for Environmental Health The organizing committee of the 14th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment is pleased to invite you to participate in this fourteenth Symposium, which is to be held in the beautiful city of Metz, France, from August 30th to September 4th, 2009.   Please consult the dedicated page for the *ISTA14* conference where information can be… Read more >>

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