Last updated : March 26 2019



2 PhD contract offers on radioecology granted by CNRS
2019-06-17 - Job alert

[ Aubière, France ]
The French National Centre for Scientific Research grants 2 PhD contracts. Please circulate these offers to your graduates (Master II) in search of a thesis subject.

- 1st Subject Thesis Grant (Doctoral Contract, CNRS): "Modeling radiation exposure of microorganisms living in mineral radioactive sources"

- 2nd Subject Thesis Grant (Doctoral Contract, CNRS): "Diatoms, model microorganisms, to study and decipher the transfer of radionuclides in aquatic biotopes whose radioactivity is derived from human activity ((TE) NORM)"

Further details: http://www.iur-uir.org/en/vacancies/id-35-2-phd-contract-offers-on-radioecology-granted-by-cnrs

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